I am now part of the Scouting legions!

After a long time not posting and just lurking around the blog – looking at the numbers of viewers, from where and how many times they click a certain thread, I muster every determination in my being to write something interesting once again.

By the way, at this moment I am now an official soldier and part of the scouting legions! I know for some it ring a bell, but for the sake of those who don’t know about it, I’ll tell the story behind it.

Last April 7, 2013, most anime and manga community together with Otakus in every parts of the world, made an uproar about the first release of the anime adaptation of Shingeki no Kyojin, also known as Attack on Titans. Let google save you in filling the details about the said anime and it’s manga origin. Moving on, this series is one of the most awaited anime this spring. From the English title, you might misunderstand it as something related to mythology because of the word “titans.” Almost there, fellow! But sadly, it’s not your mythology show where you’ll see zeus and the gang, rather it’s a show where there are lots of titans eating and killing humans while the latter are in the brink of extinction, enveloped with fear and devastation.

Say hello to our gluttonous TITANS! (c)Metanorn

Say hello to our gluttonous TITANS! (c)Metanorn

A friend of mine in Batoto told me of this show. Knowing the credibility of my said friend when it comes to anime/manga recommendation, I didn’t bother doubting him in the least. Like what I usually do, I tend to watch the anime adaptation first before going through the manga, however this time is different. Yours truly can’t wait any longer and thus read the manga until its latest chapter.  Only after that did I watch the anime. Unlike every anime adaptation, let’s say the likes of One Piece and Naruto, the first episode really follows what’s in the manga. Pretty good news for most otakus! Though there are some alterations, it didn’t stray that much. When it comes to episode two, however, they chose to jumped the should-be scenes after the first episode and present the training part instead. I believe what they did make it clearer the sequencing of events, unlike in the manga where you really need to pay attention how things come to this part and that part. For those who only get to watch the anime, worry not for even with such tactic, the anime has not yet crossed the borderline where it really differs to the manga.

As much as I want to present more screen caps from the anime and manga,  I guess it’s better to do it on my next post instead. Why? Well, um… blame procrastination!

Shingeki no Kyojin sure shows it’s potential to become a real epic show that every Otakus shouldn’t miss. The reader/audience just needs a tough stomach with all the brutality.  But that being said, the story itself doesn’t merely revolves on such. I strongly recommend you to watch and read this series. Who knows, you might get hooked as well. It’s not bad to try out new things every now and then.

Do tell your opinion and ideas after reading and watching. The Scouting legion isn’t that busy at the moment and so I will be just around, waiting for you!

P.S. Don’t forget our salute, okay? 🙂

Show'em how it is done, Armini!

Show’em how it is done, Armini! (c)google


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